The tobacco industry is reaching new heights with every passing day and packaging solutions are becoming more operational and aesthetically pleasing. But that is not the only way to keep your cigarettes safe and sound, you can play around with your cigarette boxes and do a little DIY with the box. This is something which will elevate the whole experience by many folds for you. It is exotic, cost-effective and will appeal to your creativity as well. 

The customers of this modern day and age like to do things their way and that is why it is no wonder that they are searching for premium ways to make their own cigarette boxes. It is equal parts creative and a wholesome experience. Moreover, despite popular belief, customization and in this context, the preparation of a cigarette box from scratch are two of the most fulfilling processes of the current times. 

We are not denying the importance and upgrades of packaging that a professional company can provide but the end product of your own brainstorming and the product of your sweat and tears is much more valuable. So let us unravel the methodologies which one can use to make a cigarette box on one own. 

What Materials are Required for Making Your Own Cigarette Box?

There are some of the most basic materials which are needed to make a cigarette box on your own: 

Now we will be providing a step-by-step guide so that you can cautiously follow our footsteps as we educate you on how to make a cigarette box with the most easily available items in the market:

Step – 1

First things first you have to draw the sketch of the template that you are going to follow for the construction of a cigarette box. There are various types and styles of cigarette boxes which are available in the market, therefore make sure to choose one that is easy to follow. Try dots for the areas where you will be folding the material and use lines for the areas where you will be using scissors. These sorts of templates will serve as a 2D model of the box which you will be recreating and therefore you can also get a printout of the template as well. 

The cut-out will be done by using a machine if you are using aluminium as your primary material. The use of aluminium promises a more neat outlook of the cigarette box and does not let you drift away because cardboards are sturdy but they lack the strength of a material like aluminium. 

Step – 2

Now use a pair of scissors and cut out the designed areas from the template. Do not affect the lines which you are meant to fold at the end of the day. Make sure to leave the dotted lines and do not affect them under any circumstance. You will notice that the bottom part of the box will be a bit larger as compared to the upper part. Rest assured this is not a mistake made by you. It is supposed to happen this way. 

Step – 3

Now it is the right time to take care of the dotted lines. Make sure to fold them neatly in the right manner and do not mess up the foldings because it will create havoc in the later stages of making your own cigarette box. 

Step – 4

A key tip here is to mark the tabs so that you have a better understanding of how the process is going to be. For instance, the top centre of the box can be labelled as ‘i” and then the other sections can be labelled with the alphabets that follow. Such as ‘j’ and ‘f”. The blank section can be labelled as “b”. Try to not use a permanent mark and do all the markings with the help of a pencil. This way you won’t have to conceal the markings at the later stage of the box-making experience. 

Step – 5

Now as per the instructions you have to fold the bottom tab point b with point “a” This practice will lead you to have a more neat bottom. Then follow the other instructions are you can find the flaps which can be glued to the sides to make a more sophisticated outlook of the cigarette box. 

Step – 6

The next step is to glue the flaps together. Glue the “e” flaps with the “f: flap and place the “g” which represents the lid with the ‘h’ flaps. These flaps should be marked properly so that you are able to get your hands on a rather sophisticated box which is in direct projection with the image that you are tracing it from. Keep in mind that the adhesive you are using is not making any mess during the whole process. 

Step – 7

At this stage, we will be using the cardboard which we have procured so far. The cardboard will be added to the package so that the end product now contains a spine-like structure to add more strength and liveliness to the box. You cannot miss out on this step as it is a crucial one. In case the material you are using in the box is aluminium and not a paper stock then the material will provide the required strength and you won’t need to add more backbone to the structure. 

The Bottom Line

Making your own cigarette box can be a fun experience for people who like to add a touch of themselves to the box. By using the right material you are not only allowing yourself to enjoy a sturdy box but the end result will be much more sophisticated and creative than you have imagined. We are hopeful that the aforementioned guide will help you to make a box that you can customize how you like. For instance, you can draw little doodles or you can add embellishments – your choice. 

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