Custom Lighter Boxes

At Cigarette Boxes we provide brands with a wide range of highly customizable lighter boxes so that your brand and your brand’s users can leave a solid impression on the retail market. We also tend to procure custom lighter boxes for your brand to enhance your market outreach and enhance your customer base in the meantime. From the use of the right colour contrast to enhancing the appearance of various drawings or art on your lighter boxes our customization options are endless and diverse. We provide the most customer-centric packaging solutions so that you are able to provide your customers with the best level of product packaging in the form of lighter boxes. 





    The tobacco industry is facing more and more progressive development with every passing day and there is no hiding this fact. With the rise in the tobacco industry, it is not only the cigarettes whose demand tends to rise, the other associated products with cigarettes also enjoy an elevated push. Some other things that also fall into the same category are vapes, lighters and cartridges. Now an object of attention which often makes the user the center of attention of a crowd is the lighter. The lighter boxes are therefore the need of brands to deliver and ship a large batch of lighters from one place to another. These lighter boxes are the need of the modern-day tobacco user and you cannot debate over this fact. To make a stylish presence in a group of smokers, users tend to incline towards the use of those lighters that come in sophisticated packaging. It is what the customer demands and something which you have to provide them with.

    Dive Deep into Even the Toughest Retail Markets with Our High-Value Lighter Boxes UK

    Brands can achieve the next level of success if they just pay attention to one key aspect apart from high-value products and that is the brand’s packaging. Just by pulling off this brand packaging, brands can easily enhance their customer base and hence multiply their revenue. What the modern-day customer is looking for in this retail market is better product presentation and enhanced product visibility. This is a balance which can only be achieved by the best packaging services. Custom Box World has achieved this milestone by cracking the code of effective product packaging. We procure the best custom lighter boxes which resonate with the customers the most. 

    Here are some of the exotic finishing options that we tend to provide our brands with: 

    • Gloss
    • Matte
    • Aqueous Coating 
    • Spot UV 

    With our premium finishing options, your brand gets to enjoy all the limelight. You can ask for the right finishing option so that the areas which you want to get highlighted for the customers get the attention. 

    High-End Material for the Production of Custom Lighter Boxes Promising Safety and Sustainability

    With our packaging services at the helm of affairs, you can now present your lighters to the customers in the most tempting way possible. Our packaging solutions are truly a force to reckon with. Keep one thing in mind your customer wants you to understand their needs and requirements and procure the solutions for their packaging needs accordingly. This not only calls for the production of sturdy lighter boxes but also demands for the use of the most stylish materials. While producing better packaging options for your brands you do not and you should not compromise on the attractiveness of the product packaging. This is when and when Custom Box World shines the brightest. Our choice of materials satisfies the customer’s needs in the most profound manner. We use the following materials for the production of high-end lighter boxes: 

    • Kraft
    • Corrugated
    • Cardboard 
    • Rigid

    All of these materials are highly environmentally friendly and promise ease and convenience for the customers. There is not a single doubt on the sturdiness of these products and that is why all of these materials promise safety and security while you are shipping your custom lighter boxes from one place to another. You can also gift these specially custom lighter boxes to a loved one – ensuring them that you managed to get them a personalized item as a gift. 



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