Custom Foil Cigarette Boxes

We are a sophisticated packaging company which is standing tall in the market by providing an unbeatable streak of customer-centric services especially in terms of custom foil cigarette boxes. Our services resonate the best with the customers and we are known for being consistent in our quality packaging solutions. 





    No one can deny the progressions that the tobacco industry is experiencing with every passing day. With ease and convenience and better flavours, the market is not showing any signs of experiencing a downfall any time soon. This is why it is not a hidden fact that brands are becoming more open about embracing the latest trends in this scenario. Thus, it is not the product that the brand has to be conscious about it is the packaging experience as well. They say packaging says a lot about a brand’s commitment towards providing its customers with high-end solutions. Let’s face it, packaging is the first thing that a customer will notice before purchasing a product. 

    That is why to stand out in a crowd of different retailers who are providing the same customers, brands need to be more open about the different sorts of packaging options which they are willing to explore and dive into. But, in case you are looking for a service provider which is providing with all the contemporary and latest market trends and updates then your search ends at cardboard Cigarette Boxes UK

    Premium Finishes to Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility and Aesthetic Value in a Retail Market

    Apart from the use of the material, the second most important thing which brands cannot sleep on is the use of finishes and embellishments. This is mainly because of the contributions that these two things play in the grand scheme of things. For instance, premium finishes provide a more sophisticated outlook to the otherwise boring and monotone packaging. The embellishments are necessary for providing the necessary ground for brands to execute their branding practices in a better and more visible manner.

    • Foil Stamping
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Metallized Print For Mind-Blowing Effects
    • Specialized Cutouts

    Cigarette boxes UK offers the following lamination solutions for the brands so that they can entertain their customers with 

    • Gloss Laminate
    • Scuff-proof Matte Laminate
    • Soft Touch (Karess) Laminate
    • Gloss UV Coating
    • Matte UV Coating
    • Coating-Free

    Eco-friendly Material for the Production of Custom foil Cigarette Boxes

    We properly understand the needs of our customers to minimize their carbon footprint and ensure that they are doing everything to practice sustainability. Sustainability is so much more than just a concept which you are listening to now and then in some conference on an Instagram reel. It is an everyday practice which ensures the optimized use of resources to procure suitable solutions for the generations that are yet to come. This is something that customers are often looking after to make sure that they are adding up to the waste to degrade the environment in more means than one. This is what compels brands to become more aware of the outcomes of their services such as ensuring that the packaging services which they are opting for producing their customers with foil cigarette boxes is eco-friendly. This enhances the customer’s trust in the brand and makes the brand earn more brownie points in a retail market which is brimming with different service providers with the same services.

    At cigarette boxes uk, these are the materials which we are using to provide our customers with foil cigarette boxes: 

    • 12pt to 24pt (C1S/C2S) Cardstock
    • Eco-Friendly Kraft – 100% recycled content 
    • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Bux Board
    • Waterproof Label Stocks
    • Metallized Paperboard 

    All of these aforementioned materials are known for a solid reputation among customers for not adding up to the waste generation. we understand contemporary needs and is committed to providing highly recyclable options for customers. 

    Custom Foil Cigarette Boxes – Ensuring Brands to Outperform their Competition

    The thing about customization is that it allows your customers to enjoy the perks of a personalized packaging experience. This will be beneficial for your business in two ways – one it will propel your business to produce more revenue at the end of the day and second it will help you to secure a more stable and trustworthy customer base. Both of these aspects are necessary because they help your brand to enjoy the perks of better brand marketing while you are on a budget. , you can enjoy the perks of better brand marketing and a stable customer base which will help spread positive word of mouth across the board. The customization practices are important for brands because they allow brands to communicate with the customer by ensuring them the necessary details about the products such as content and the brand taglines. We ensure that our team of designers are well-versed in communication so that the brands can communicate with them about their needs and this communication will be fruitful for both sides. 

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