Printed Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette boxes are a packaging solution which is used to keep various cigarette products which are diverse on the basis of their use, packed product, flavour and product specifications. There are some things which are kept in mind while producing these cigarette boxes and when brands are looking out for products they are mostly looking out for these solutions. We tend to ensure our customers (brands) that we are revolutionizing packaging solutions by providing customizable and premium solutions. The use of the right material and the incorporation of the right and trendy embellishments can make all the difference in the world and our services are a clear depiction of that.




    Premium Finishes for Printed Cigarette Boxes to Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Cigarette box printing is another important aspect which brands cannot forget. We tend to produce high-end custom box printing services so that our customers can enjoy enhanced product visibility and the brand is also able to satisfy the customers with premium product details and brand information.

    Here are some of the printing options that we make available for our customers:

    • CMYK (1 – 4 color)
    • PMS
    • CMYK+PMS
    • No Printing (Plain)

    In addition to high-quality printing procedures, there are some other things which help brands reach the epitome of customer satisfaction. These things include the utilization and understanding of the finishes such as add-ons, embellishments and other customizable items which brands often request for the enhanced unboxing experience for their customers. Not only do these things make your printed cigarette boxes appear more aesthetic but also fulfil the promise of better brand marketing by working on the presentation of the product. These solutions are sophisticated and long-term.

    Listed below are the premium finishes that you can request on your printed cigarette boxes. These finishes and laminations will add more texture and finesse to the end product.

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    Gloss Lamination

    A promise of a shiny texture and shimmer adds up to the drama of the product packaging. Our gloss lamination produces a glass-like appearance of the box which enhances the printing ink and provides a more visual appeal to the packaged product.

    Matte Lamination

    Matte lamination is a drama-free finish which provides a non-reflective service to your package promising a soft touch and a velvet-like appearance of the box. This is often prioritised by those brands who are looking for regal and practical packaging solutions for their customers.

    Aqueous Coating

    A clear, water-like and flowy appearance which is equal parts environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing is the aqueous coating. This is a step up from the traditional finishes and is a more trendy and minimalistic way of providing a high-end packaging solution.

    Spot Varnish

    Our spot varnish finishes are the best fit for your printed cigarette boxes because, in this sophisticated and urban solution, you are only providing highlights to a specific part of the whole packaged box – the graphic. This one is available in a wide variety of undertones which you can choose from.

    UV Coating

    In this method, a clear liquid is often applied to the packed box to enhance the visibility and vibrancy of the text which is printed on the box. We use cutting-edge technology for the application of UV coating. Brands often choose this one because of the sleek and stylish look that it promises.


    Our embossing finishes are highly trendy because of the raised surfaces and stylish end results that this one is promising. We tend to use engraved dies or plates to produce the illusion of raised surfaces on our packaging solutions.


    Debossing is the engravement which is deflated hence it is the total opposite of embossing – the art of raising the patterns and texts. Brands tend to choose between debossing and embossing depending on their requirements and the need-of-the-hour necessities.

    Foil Printing

    Our foil printing services make good use of heat, external pressure and the required amount of metal to produce cutting-edge packaging finishes which make your brand stand out in any crowd. These solutions are sophisticated and stylish.

    Bespoke Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes Ensuring Proper Marketing of Your Brand

    There is a very apparent need for brands and that is to make a solid imprint in the market. The urge is because of the goal to produce high-end revenue at the end of the day. This is also because of the crowd that is more and less producing the same products. That is why in order to stand out in that crowd, brands need to communicate with our professional designers and graphic artists so that we can provide them with high-end packaging solutions.

    Here are the various high-quality proofs that we provide to our customers when they reach out to us to produce tempting and trendy printed cigarette boxes:

    • Electronic Proofs (flat view/3D mockup)
    • Digitally Printed Proofs (without any major finishing effects)
    • Physical Sampling (on request)

    With the help of these intrinsic services, we are promising ease, connectivity and better packaging premises for our services – making them sure about the packaging solutions and letting them make a powerful impact in a market competitive niche.


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