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    Electronic cigarettes are taking the smoking industry by storm ensuring customers that the trend is here to stay for a longer period of time. Smokers are shifting towards the use of e-cigarettes because of the ease that it promises and let’s address the elephant in the room – they are stylish! These e-cigarette makes customers more trendy and allows them to make a fashion statement. But the brands which are marketing these cigarettes need to ensure that the packaging is as stylish as the product and that is when they need to connect to us. Our custom electronic cigarette boxes wholesale are a holistic solution to their packaging needs providing them with highly reliable and trendy packaging solutions. 

    Our packaging solutions are promising a new dawn of sophisticated packaging which is sturdy yet stylish, sleek yet operational – hence the perfect mixture of everything that a customer can dream of to enjoy the whole unboxing experience. You can rely on our services because we procure what the customer is craving! 

    Bespoke Designs of Custom Electronic Cigarette Boxes Promising Better Brand Outreach

    At our cigarette packaging company, we have a highly professional team of players who know what they are doing and understand the market trends. That is why they are producing top-of-the-market solutions which will make your brand pop out in every crowd. We are offering a wide variety of customizable options which will suit your brand voice the most – helping you to settle for what you are looking for. Our custom electronic cigarette boxes are what you need to make a prominent and solid mark in am already market-competitive scenarios. Here are the printing options which we are providing for our customers: 

    • CMYK 
    • PMS

    Moreover, we also offer various size and shape options so that your brand can choose the most suitable custom electronic cigarette boxes. All you have to do is indulge in healthy conversations with our designers so that they can provide you with solutions that set your brand tone right. 

    Custom Electronic Cigarette Boxes Wholesale Ensuing Better Customer Satisfaction

    It is not only the brand’s product which attracts customers towards a brand it is the availability of the right packaging patterns. The customers are enticed by the prospects of better packaged products, especially their e-cigarettes. We also tend to use materials which provide durability and resilience to the products making customers sure about the brand and its products. We are also very aware of the presentation of the products and that is why our solutions are eco-friendly and aesthetically tempting – checking all the factors of a high-end packaging company. Our services are the perfect blend of green and sustainable solutions – promising people and brands exactly what they are looking for. 

    Embellishments that Make Your Brand Stand Out in Every Crowd

    No brand can deny the importance and impact of add-ons on the packaging. You need to get a hold of those services for electronic cigarette boxes UK that understand the customers and markets like no other. From a better visual capacity of your brand to making the e-cigarettes more appealing for the young generation, add-ons or embellishments will make your journey all the more easy and worthy. We are known for providing a wide range of highly sophisticated and market-worthy embellishments which are bound to enhance the outreach of your brand and appeal to an even wider customer base. Marketers often say that if there is one thing which can make brands earn more customers it is enhanced visibility apart from better product quality. Wondering what options we are providing for your custom electronic cigarette boxes, here is a quick look at our exemplary embellishments that are a trademark of our packaging solutions: 

    Gloss Lamination

    Want to give your custom electronic cigarette boxes a glossy and shimmery texture then reach out to us to get gloss lamination on your boxes. This trend is a classic one and is not going to die anytime soon. Make your brand pop out with our gloss lamination prospects. 

    Matte Lamination

    In case you are targeting a minimalist audience then you have to provide them with highly sophisticated services to ensure that the drama is out of the equation. That is when you can resort to our matte laminations. These laminations are devoid of any sort of shimmer and provide clear and out-of-gloss lamination solutions. 

    Silver Foiling

    A classic and ageless lamination tactic that still resonates with customers and makes them curious about your product because of the silver tones in the packaging is the silver foiling. The use of silver foiling makes the details on the packaging pop more against an otherwise average base. 

    Gold Foiling

    Another solution which is the 180-degree opposite of silver foiling is the use of gold foiling for the production of highly customized custom electronic cigarette boxes. It makes the engraved details all the more enchanting and visible. 

    Spot UV

    UV rays are used to provide a spotlight on a rather distinctive or special feature of the box making the other area of the box stay hidden so that the customer can have direct access to the important information. This tactic is sure to provide customers with essential information at first sight. 

    Aqueous Coating

    Last but not least our dynamic packaging solution also entails a much diverse and sophisticated packaging solution which promises a flowy watery exterior which is bound to make customers curious about the packaged product. 

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